Below are the galleries of images from Pole Theatre 2015 professional and semi-professional categories. Another absolute stormer. Well done to all performers, competitors, Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle for hosting and of course to Stacey for making it happen.

Roll on 2016!! :-)



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Gallery Download - £24.99 (this is a full download of all the images from the gallery at 4Mpix high resolution)

Paper Prints:

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Please note that the images as shown in the galleries may not be cropped to standard print sizes. At the checkout for paper prints you can choose your crop as required. If the desired crop can not be achieved, contact me via the contact page with the image number and the crop proportions required (e.g.6"x4") and I can see if the original image will allow this.

Also note that the Full Gallery Download option may not be available on some mobile devices such as mobile phones. Once payment has been received, the images are ready for immediate download.

Any queries or for details of other print sizes not shown, please get in touch via the contact page.

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